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If it's called a "solution," it should actually solve. Our custom printed products are designed to fix your problems and prevent future ones. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

We need name tags ASAP. How fast can you turn your printed products?


We have been known to complete same day printed orders! Every need is different though, and we will work with you to get you the best quality printing in the least amount of time. Call our Sales Team at 1.800.733.0334, or chat with us online today for a no-hassle, no-nonsense quote.


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The ink on our current name tags chips off / fades. How does your product stand up to wear and tear, machine washings, etc.?


Our badges and signage are typically screen printed. This proccess provides the highest ink density, and allows us to perform careful calculations to ensure that the inks we use are perfectly matched with the materials (substrates) we use for our products. Plasticizers, clear coats, and UV protection are standard components of our ink mix; these ensure long product life and ultimate name tag and sign durability.  


As a precaution, all of our inks are twice-cured under high powered UV lamps to ensure ink steadfastness.

Our existing signage/badges have faded due to sunlight exposure. How can you help?


Our UV cured inks withstand sunlight and other UV environments. We can guarantee a long, bright future for your architectural, POS, and outdoor signage from Identity Systems.


Our current name tags have an issue with the attachment (jeweler's pin, magnetic pin, etc.) peeling off. Some have fallen right off of employees' shirts. Help!


Years of experience (and a bit of chemistry class) has taught us the best way to attach part A to part B. When it comes to badge attachments, we've got your fix. Our adhesives are designed specifically for our materials, whether it's tape, glue, hook-and-loop tape, or magnets... our stuff sticks!


Do you do traditional stylus engraving, or laser engraving? We have a preference.

Both! We have an entire branch at our facility, dedicated to stylus and laser engraving. All of our badge and signage engraving technology is PC driven, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency.


We need products that are safe for contact with food. What do you offer for the food service industry?

We manufacture food-safe signage that features easy write-on/wipe-off surfaces and durable inks. We also produce custom bottle rings (for labeling bottles), table tents, and high-temperature resistant signage for food prep/staging areas! More info on our food service industry products here.


We have strict manufacturing specifications (military, etc.).

Can you guarantee print quality to meet these rigid requirements?

Yes. We have manufactured products for law enforcement, the US military and private security firms. Our name tags, signage, and other printed items are made to specifications and quality checked at many stages in the production chain. We light test, solvent test, and washer-and-dryer test all of our materials.  Our pack-out and shipping procedures are also subject to the same level of care.

Can you match Pantone colors or physical samples? We need our signage/badges to match our existing POS materials and logo.

Yes, that's why clients with sensitive color requirements come to Identity Systems. We can match that critical red, green, or Kiwi Vermilion. Using industry standard colorimeter information, we can screen print your color exactly to specifications.​


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We want to avoid a complete redesign. Can you work with our existing art, maybe make a few changes?

Yes, we can handle vector or rastered art in most formats for Mac and Windows, including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop, and MS Office. PDF, EPS, AI, JPG, BMP, PNG, and most other image types (300 dpi minimum) are acceptable. We can also scan an existing physical sample and reproduce or adapt your design in our in-house art department.

Still have a question?

Shoot our professionals an email.  We're glad to help!

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